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Content in English

Guide to the exhibition "Wetlands under threat!"

For thousands of years people have cultivated bogs and marshes, and drained lakes to create land for crop production. During the last century in particular increases in population and industrialisation have resulted in major losses of the world's wetlands. Marshes, deltas, swamps, lakes and shallow saltwater areas are among the most species-rich habitats we have. If the wetlands disappear we also lose the plants and animals that live only in these habitats. Wetlands are also important as water reservoirs.

The posters that constitute the exhibition have been translated and works as an English guide to the exhibition at 1st floor.

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Jæren Wetland Centre

Established in 2012, Jæren Wetland Centre (JVS) is a state authorised wetland centre. The authorisation was approved by The Norwegian Environment Agency and The Ministry of Climate and Environment and applies for five years (2016). The headquarters of JSV is located at Mostun Nature Centre in Stavanger. Officially opened in 2011, Mostun Nature Centre is operated by the Norwegian Society for Protection of Nature in Rogaland.

Mostun Nature Centre is situated at Henrik Ibsensgate 29 and is owned by Stavanger municipality. The building is from 1867 and has a floor area of approx. 90 square meters divided on two floors. JVS has two entities both operated by Jæren Recreation Council. The first is Kvassheim Recreation Lighthouse in Hå. Kvassheim displays an exhibition about RAMSAR areas in Jæren. The second entity is Orre Outdoor House in Klepp, which display an exhibition on protected nature reservoirs. All combined, Mostun Nature Centre, Kvassheim Recreation Lighthouse and Orre Outdoor House have between 30 000 – 40 000 visitors annually.

Read more about the exhibitions and events on this website and on and

Photo: Mostun Nature Centre in Stavanger. Photo by: Erik Thoring

Kvassheim Recreation Lighthouse

Jæren Recreation Council is responsible for the organisation and running of Kvassheim Recreation Lighthouse. The former machine house has been renovated and is today used as café. Surrounded by majestic views of the ocean, you can bring your own lunch or buy home-baked treats, coffee, fizzy drinks and ice-cream from the café. Opening hours can be found on this website.

From the café there is a direct connection to the converted and restored lighthouse keeper's cottage. On the first floor, there is an exhibition about historic rescue operations along the coast of Jæren. The second floor features a major exhibition on the wetlands in the area. 23 protected wetlands that have international protection status (RAMSAR) are presented in images, text and film. Here is also a telescope, nature quiz, drawing for children and a nature photo gallery. See also the historical exhibition "From Ice Age to the Present."

In the lighthouse garden, there is an exhibition about the sinking of the Russian navy vessel "Ingermanland" in 1842. Free admission to the exhibitions.

Photo: Kvassheim Recreation Lighthouse.

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Hvor er Kvassheim?

Kvassheim fyr ligger ute ved kysten sør i Hå kommune, mellom Vigrestad og Brusand.

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Jæren våtmarkssenter (JVS) er ett av fem statlig autoriserte våtmarkssentre i Norge.

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Jæren Friluftsråd

Vi har ansvaret for at folk på Jæren har friområder til rekreasjon og variert friluftsliv.

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Fylkesmannens miljøvernavdeling

Fylkesmannens oppgaver er i hovedsak veiledning, tilsyn og klagebehandling.

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